10 Spring Home Maintenance Tips
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10 Spring Home Maintenance Tips


10 Spring Home Maintenance Tips

After a dreary winter, all we want to do is spend our time outside enjoying the warm weather. Before getting lost in all the picnics and gardening, mark these maintenance tasks off your list to ensure your house stays in tip-top shape.


1. Start from the Top

Whatever material your roof is made out of, be sure to check it after the winter season for possible damage or missing pieces. The summer sun is bound to do some damage, so it’s best to continue with the upkeep so you aren’t dealing with any long-term problems.


2. Check the Gutters

Clogged gutters open a can of worms you don’t want to deal with: water damage. Inspect for loose or leaky gutters and make sure the downspouts drain away from your home’s foundation.


3. Don’t Forget the HVAC

Always check the air conditioning and heating equipment before each season. This will extend the lifetime of the system, lower costs and prevent breakdowns. HVAC maintenance can also help reduce Spring allergens. Schedule a seasonal tune-up, replace your air filter and invest in a programmable thermostat if you don’t already have one.


4. Inspect the Seals

Winter weather can damage the seals on your windows and doors. Repair and replace as needed so you’re preventing water from coming in the house and so you aren’t losing valuable air conditioning.


5. Recharge Smoke Detectors

While you’re at it, change the batteries in your smoke detector. These are a life-saver we often forget about. Be mindful of them this Spring so you’re prepared in an emergency.


6. Clean Decks, Fences and Other Outside Surfaces

If you haven’t already, invest in a pressure washer; borrow one from a neighbor or look into renting one. Thoroughly clean your pool deck, driveway, fence, front porch, etc. While you’re at it, be on the lookout for any winter damage.


7. Prep the Lawn Mower

It’s time to dust off that lawn mower and prepare it for use. Make sure it is free of grass and leaves around the blade, change the oil and the spark plugs, and sharpen the blades. Also, turn the mower over and check the condition of the belts. Make sure the machine is ready to give your yard a fresh cut. Happy mowing!


8. Maintain your Water Heater

Ensure your home’s water heater’s efficiency and longevity with these steps! First, flush the water heater. Then, adjust the water’s temperature. Lastly, relight a gas water heater.


9. Inspect your Washing Machine Hose

Here’s something to which we don’t give much thought. Look at your washing machine hot and cold hoses and check for any worn spots, loose connections, etc.


10. Check for Cracks in the Driveway

Particularly after a long, cold winter, driveways often end up with pesky cracks. Fixing these ASAP will prevent moisture from working its way in and improve the appearance.


Owning a home means that you’re in charge of maintenance duties. Don’t let your investment go to waste, and keep it looking brand new! We hope these are helpful reminders.