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20 Random Acts of Kindness


20 Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Day, we came up with 20 kind ideas to spread the love. We hope they inspire you!


1. Pay for the person behind you at the drive through

2. Help an elderly person load groceries into their car

3. Send your mom flowers

4. Call your grandparents

5. Offer to babysit for free

6. Leave a server the biggest tip you can afford

7. Send a thank you note to a firefighter, policeman or EMT

8. Greet a homeless person and surprise them with food or money

9. Thank a veteran for their service

10. Write a nice comment on someone’s social media page

11. Pick up any litter you see on the ground

12. Donate clothes or food

13. Leave a gift for your mailman

14. Smile at a stranger

15. Surprise your co-workers with a treat

16. Leave inspirational quotes on cars

17. Help rearrange the carts at a grocery store

18. Bring a gift to your neighbor

19. Contribute to a Go Fund Me account

20. Hold the elevator or door open for someone