Tips for Moving with Kids
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Tips for Moving with Kids


Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving can be stressful enough! Adding kids and their fears to the mix can be an added layer to that stress. Hopefully, some of these tips will help make the transition easier for everyone in the family!

  • Talk to your kids in advance about the move. Discuss any concerns and fears they may have. Be supportive and patient as they navigate their feelings.
  • Pack their room last and unpack it first. 
  • Take your kids on a tour of the house and help them get excited about the new house.
  • Take your kids on a tour of the city and neighborhood and point out fun activities you will get to enjoy together.
  • Sign them up for extracurricular activities so they can meet new friends and stay busy.
  • Try to meet neighbors beforehand and have a prearranged play date.
  • Let your kids be a part of the unpacking and decorating process. 

Many of us at the Southbound Group have kids and understand the importance of making a move go smoothly when children are involved. If you are looking for a real estate team to help with your next family move, give us a call. We have agents all over the nation and we would love to connect you with someone who understands the unique challenges of moving with children.