How to Meet People in a New City
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How to Meet People in a New City


How to Meet People in a New City

One of the scariest parts of moving to a new city is wondering how you are going to meet new people and make new friends. It’s important to get to know people in your new city and even meet new people outside of your job. We have created this list to help you find ways to meet people in your new city!

  • Make an effort to explore and connect.
  • Try out a local coffee shop and a simple smile or hello could spark a conversation.
  • Search social media for neighborhood groups and activities.
  • Meet people at a local dog park or when taking your pet for a walk.
  • Explore the area and introduce yourself to your neighbors.
  • Use or Facebook Groups to find people with similar interests.  

If you are considering a move to a new city, give us a call. We have agents all over the nation who are phenomenal and well-connected. They can help get you settled in your new city and perhaps even introduce you to a few like-minded people.